About Emma Ward

Emma Ward is a British model /actress born in the small market town of Chorley, Lancashire in the UK.

She started modelling at 18 years old, when she was signed up with the Manchester based model agency, Boss. Since then, she has done a series of photo shoots, and fashion shows, working internationally in many different countries including Germany, Australia, South Africa, Greece, and Dubai.

In 2005, she was the face of Wrangler Jeans, and appeared on billboards across France, and Germany. Following her success in Europe, Emma was booked for a campaign photo shoot in Los Angeles with Harley Davidson. She then remained in the USA where she trained at Aaron Speiser, one of the top acting schools in Hollywood. Emma continued to live in the States while working on various TV commercials, and films, including “The Midnight Meat Train”, starring Vinnie Jones, and Bradley Cooper.

Emma now has duel citizenship for America, and the UK, so she can appreciate the amazing opportunities of both countries.

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